IILM Alma Connect- A new beginning

Alumni are the brand ambassadors for any educational institution and a strong alumni community is an irreplaceable asset for any organization. IILM is proud to have a alumni base of 7000+ alumni and continuously endeavours to engage them.

We have launched a portal named IILM Alma connect with the sole purpose of connecting alumni across batches and campuses to their alma mater and faculty. Alumni are the most important strength for any institution, it is their achievements that make their alma mater proud of them. Alma connect will provide an opportunity for our alumni to interact with their juniors and seniors, seek guidance from them, get recommendations from senior alumni, have access to job openings in their companies, referrals for placements and career opportunities. It enables our alumni to stay connected to campus updates, share and discuss queries, refresh memories and much more. During the past twenty years of its existence, IILM has produced some brilliant sought after alumni who are in senior leadership position with HDFC, Hewitt, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, WNS, ITC, Hindustan Unilever, Nestle and many more. This alumni network is constantly engaged in experience sharing with the current student through alumni connect session.

Alumni visit the campus to prepare student for placement through company specific workshop. Alumni Engagement is at the core of the vision of IILM, The aim is to foster life-long relationships with our students and Alumni. The institute endeavors to provide support to all Alumni for all aspects of growth and development Annual Alumni Lunch: The third Saturday of every December at IILM, we organize an annual get together with alumni. They connect over lunch with their peers across batches to network and relive the old memories. Alumni Engagement: There are many platforms where the Alumni are invited as a panelist to share their experiences and challenges about the transition from college to corporate life. The event is followed by interaction with faculty members. Alumni volunteer to mentor current students through the program and placement process.

Alumni Mentors

The Alumni Mentorship Program is all about making a connect, for current students to learn from alum experiences and for the alumni reconnect with the Institute. IILM Alumni mentorship program connects student mentees with accomplished alumni to mentor them in their personal and professional development. Through this programme students get an opportunity to gain knowledge and perspective of an organization and its culture. They also get constructive feedback on professional and personal development.